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The focus of our research lies on robots acting in human environments. We are especially interested in robot navigation in challenging scenes. For example, we develop techniques for robots navigating in multi-level and multi-room indoor environments that contain articulated and movable objects. We have introduced novel probabilistic methods for 3D environment modeling as well as methods for manipulation and navigation. The Humanoid Robots Lab has contributed several state-of-the-art methods for environment perception and exploration, footstep planning, user tracking, human-aware navigation, and imitation of human whole-body motions.

Our work is currently supported by the EU FP7 project SQUIRREL and by the DFG Research Unit Anticipating Human Behavior, as well as by the DAAD. We are furthermore collaborating with Kärcher and Bosch on joint research questions.

Previously, the lab was in involved in the projects First-MM and ROVINA funded by the EU as well as in the Cluster of Excellence BrainLinks-BrainTools, in the Transregional Research Center on SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition, and in the research training group on Embedded Microsystems, all funded by the German Research Foundation.