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Seminar (MA-INF 4213)

In this seminar, we cover state-of-the-art research papers from conferences and journals in the field of humanoid robotics and related fields. The available topics are presented in the Introductory Meeting and can be selected during the registration for the seminar on our website. In the Introductory Meeting, we will present the available topics, the registration process, the requirements, and answer your questions.

Participants of the seminar have to prepare a talk of 25 minutes which will be given on the Seminar Day at the end of the semester. After the talk, there will be a Q&A of about 5 minutes where you will be asked questions by the staff and other participants of the seminar. Bachelor students can choose to present their topic in German, master students must give their presentation in English.

The Seminar Day is a whole day event, typically from 8:30am to 3:30pm, which takes place towards the end of the semester. All participants are required to be present on the Seminar Day, to give their presentation, and also to listen to the talks of the other participants. Active participation during the Q&A sessions counts as a bonus towards your final score.

Participating students are also required to write a summary and discussion of their assigned topic. The summary and discussion should be written in LaTeX using the following template: seminar_template.tex The document should be 7 pages long not including images and references! Bachelor students can opt to write their summary in German.

Each participant will be paired up with a supervisor who monitors their progress and is available to help with questions or difficulties. Students can work freely during the semester to prepare their material. The written summary and the presentation slides must be submitted by the morning of the Seminar Day.


The Introductory Meeting on 10.11.2020 in room 0.016 is planned to take place in person in a room at the university building. Communications during the semester between supervisor and participant will be conducted via electronic means. The final presentation will also take place in person while respecting the directives of the university which comprise wearing a mask, keeping a minimal distance of 1.5 meters, and documenting the names of persons who take part in a meeting. Changes to these directives will be announced here.




Important dates:

Tuesday, 10.11.2020, 09:00 - 10:00, room 0.016

Introductory meeting

TBA Registration deadline on our website
TBA Registration deadline in BASIS (updated)
TBA Seminar Day and deadline for the written summary



Registrations on the HRL website will be opened on 10.11.2020 after the Introductory Meeting. You can specify your choice of papers there. Please note that dates are liable to change in case of further notices from the university administration. For information regarding BASIS please see here. The schedule for presentations will be announced in due time. The list of offered papers would also be updated in due time.