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Lecture Humanoid Robotics (MA-INF 4215)

Humanoid robots are currently an active research platform. Since they have a human-like body plan they can act in environments designed for humans. Humanoid robots are able to, e.g., climb stairs, walk through cluttered environments, manipulate objects, and open doors.

This lecture covers techniques for humanoid robots such as perception, localization, footstep planning, walking, and motion planning.





We compiled a list of literature recommendations on the individual topics for further reading.

Updated Schedule

The course schedule for the semester is here. A calendar entry for the schedule can be downloaded from here.


Requirements for taking part in the exam: 50% of reachable points from the assignments; working in groups of 2-3 students is possible.

Dates for the exams:

  • First exam: July, 15-17
  • Second exam: September, 23-24

Please register for the exam in BASIS until June, 1-21.



No. Topic Date Slides
0 Introduction April 4 [PDF]
1 Linear Algebra April 9 [PDF]
2 Least squares and odometry calibration April 11 [PDF]
3 Projective geometry and homogeneous coordinates April 25 [PDF]
4 Camera parameters April 25 [PDF]
5 Whole-body self-calibration May 2  [PDF]
6 3D world representations - part 1 & 2 May 2, May 9 [PDF]
7 Monte Carlo localization May 16 [PDF]
8 Path planning May 16 [PDF]
9 Inverse Kinematics and Whole-body motion planning May 23 [PDF]
10 Bipedal Walking June 4 [PDF]
10 Important Information June 4 [PDF]
11 Bipedal Walking 2 June 18 [PDF]
12 Exploiting Obstacle Class Information During Navigation July 4 [PDF]
13 Bag-of-Words Models and Appearance-Based Mapping July 4 [PDF]
14 Summary July 8 [PDF]



No. Topic Date published Submission deadline PDF
1 GIT, linear algebra April 4 April 11 [PDF]
2 Odometry calibration April 11 April 25 [PDF]
3 Projective geometry April 25 May 2 [PDF]
4 Forward kinematics, k-d trees May 2 May 9 [PDF]
5 Octree and signed distance function  May 9 May 16 [PDF]
6 ICP and particle filter May 16 May 23 [PDF]
7 Path planning and footstep planning with A* May 23 May 30 [PDF]
8 Anytime Repairing A*, Inverse Kinematics, and RRT June 4 June 18 [PDF]
9 Reachability maps and bipedal walking June 18 June 30 [PDF]