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Lab Parallel Computing for Mobile Robots (MA-INF 4226)

In this lab, students gain hands-on experience with parallel computing principles and the CUDA framework. Starting off with simple, introductory examples and then moving on to a common motion planning task, a parallelized version of shortest path finding with the A* algorithm in a Visibility Graph will be implemented using C++ in small groups of two or three students. More details on the topics and the requirements will be presented at the first introductory meeting.

Prerequisites: C++, Linux

Contents: CUDA computing, Shortest path planning, Collision Checking, Visibility Graph, A*



Important dates:

The introductory meeting for all interested participants will take place on Wednesday, 11.11.2020 in a zoom meeting. In the introductory meeting, we will talk about the topics of the  lab in more detail, give a short introduction to CUDA computing, and answer questions.


Wednesday, 11.11.2020, 09:00-10:00, zoom meeting Introductory meeting
TBA Registration deadline in BASIS
TBA Oral exams (the exams count for 20% of the final grade)

After the first lab meeting, the participants can arrange their working schedule individually after consultation with their supervisor.



The participation in this course requires a registration since the number of available places is limited. Please register by sending an email to missura@cs.uni-bonn.de