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Lab Humanoid Robots (MA-INF 4214)

Update: We changed the schedule in order to prevent collisions with exams. Please contact us if the new schedule causes difficulties for you.

Humanoid robots are currently an active research platform. Since they have a human-like body plan they can act in environments designed for humans. Humanoid robots are able to, e.g., climb stairs, walk through cluttered environments, and open doors.

In this block course after the lecture period, the students will implement algorithms for perception, state estimation, environment representation, navigation, and motion planning techniques for humanoid robots. The students will work in small groups.

Important dates:

Thu 3.2. Introductory meeting, seminar room E.23, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144 (LBH)
Fri 13.2. Registration deadline and topic assignment (online)
Mon 23.2. Thu 26.2. Introduction to the lab course
23.2.-13.3. 26.2.-20.3. Lab block course
Mon 23.3. Presentation of the project deadline for handing in the documentation
Thu 26.3. Deadline for handing in the documentation


The registration is now closed.


  1. Follow the Path:
    A Nao robot should be able to navigate with the help of markers on the ground, for example by following a path drawn on the ground. For this task, the robot has to recognize the markers in the camera image and plan suitable motions for the subsequent foot steps.
    Supervisor: Philipp Karkowski
  2. Spin the Bottle:
    Implement the game "spin the bottle" on a Nao robot. A human user spins the bottle on the ground. The robot should be able to recognize when the bottle has stopped spinning and who the bottle points at. The task also includes defining the rules of the game, designing the bottle and the environment, and composing the interaction with the other players.
    Supervisor: Peter Regier
  3. Rock-Paper-Scissors:
    Implement the game "rock-paper-scissors" on a Nao robot. The robot must be able to show the three gestures. Afterwards, it has to recognize the gesture of the human player in the camera image. Finally, the robot should announce the winner, count the points of each player, and interact with the player.
    Supervisor: Stefan Oßwald


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