Accompanying seminar for Bachelor and Master thesis presentations

Final presentations of Bachelor and Master theses and talks given by guests will be announced on this website.

Upcoming talks:

  • Arindam Roychoudhury: Fresnel Integral-based Prediction and Collision Checking for the Unicycle Model
  • Shuang Liang: Local Linear Learning of the Inverse Kinematics of the Unicycle Model
  • Shiyuan Bian: Time-optimal trajectories of the SHM over multiple keyframes

Past talks:

  • Gerd Mund: Hüllkörperbasierte, parallelisierte Kollisionserkennung für geometrische Primitiven und das SHM
    28. May 2018, 14:00 s.t., Informatikzentrum, room 0.042
  • Sandra Höltervennhoff: Von Deep Learning zum Schwertkampf 
    Friday, May 18th, at 9am in room 0.042
  • Stephan Fuhrmann: Real-Time Object Tracking and Height Map Prediction in Dynamic Environments
    7. May 2018, 10:00 s.t., Informatikzentrum, room 0.042
  • Thomas Gilles: Learning Objects Affordances for Robot Navigation
    Based on RGBD Data

    26 Apr. 18, 10:00 s.t. Informatikzentrum, room 0.042
  • Ahmed Abdelbaki: ConvNet Features for Lifelong Place Recognition and Pose Estimation in Visual SLAM
    12 Mar 18, 13:30 s.t., Photogrammetry building, Nussallee 15, room 0.006
  • Florian Kunze: Polygonale Segmentierung von RGB-D Sensordaten für Indoor Navigation in 2D
    31 Jan 17, 13:00 s.t., room I.42 (LBH)
  • Rasha Sheikh: Design and Evaluation of an RGB-D Feature Descriptor for SLAM
    23 Nov 17, 09:30 s.t., room I.42 (LBH)