Lecture Humanoid Robotics (MA-INF 4215)

Humanoid robots are currently an active research platform. Since they have a human-like body plan they can act in environments designed for humans. Humanoid robots are able to, e.g., climb stairs, walk through cluttered environments, manipulate objects, and open doors.

This lecture covers techniques for humanoid robots such as perception, navigation, motion planning, grasping, and human motion analysis.





We compiled a list of literature recommendations on the individual topics for further reading.



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No. Topic Date Slides
0 Introduction April 20 [PDF]
1 Linear algebra April 24 [PDF]
2 Least squares and odometry calibration April 20, April 27 [PDF]
3 Projective geometry and homogeneous coordinates April 27 [PDF]
4 Camera parameters April 27, May 18 [PDF]
5 Whole-body self-calibration May 18 [PDF]
6 3D representations May 18, May 23 [PDF]



No. Topic Date published Submission deadline PDF
1 GIT, linear algebra April 20 April 27 [PDF]
2 Odometry calibration, projective geometry April 27 May 11 (2 weeks time) [PDF]
3 Forward kinematics May 18 May 26 (Friday) [PDF]
4 3D representations May 23 (Tuesday) June 1 [PDF]