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Jorge de Heuvel

Ph.D. Student

Jorge de Heuvel


Contact details

Email : deheuvel[AT]cs.uni-bonn.de
Phone : +49(0)228 73-54203

Jorge de Heuvel

Rheinische Friedrich-Willhelms-Universität Bonn
Institut für Informatik VI

Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 8
53115 Bonn

About me

I am a Phd student at the Humanoid Robots Lab headed by Maren Bennewitz at the University of Bonn.

Research Interests

  • Reinforcement learning
  • Socially aware robot navigation
  • Anticipating human behavior

Associated Research Projects

Brief CV

since Jun 2021

Humanoid Robots Lab, Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics, Bonn, Germany

Research associate & PhD student

Group of Prof. Maren Bennewitz

Jan 2020 - May 2021

Insitute for Atmospheric Science, Mainz, Germany

Research associate in the transregional collaborative research project "Waves To Weather" (SFB/TRR165)

Group of Dr. Michael Riemer

Apr 2018 - Apr 2020

Max-Planck Insitute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany

Master's thesis project and publication

Group of Dr. Viola Priesemann

May 2019

M.Sc. in Physics, Georg-August-University, Göttingen

Apr 2017 B.Sc. in Physics, Georg-August-University, Göttingen



Characterizing spreading dynamics of subsampled systems with non-stationary external input.
J. de Heuvel, J. Wilting, M. Becker, V. Priesemann, und J. Zierenberg
Phys. Rev. E 102, 040301(R) (2020), https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevE.102.040301